CFS S. Chaffer












Cadet Flight Sergeant Chaffer joined the Air Training Corps in October of 2011 when the joining age was 13. Since then she has achieved many things including achieving the rank of Flight Sergeant, and is currently the highest rank on the squadron. She attained the rank of Corporal in February 2015 and has since made her way up the rank structure.  She is in charge of the NCO team and their development as well as in charge of both A flight and B flight. Alongside this she is also the squadron’s Training Officer. This means she co-ordinates and plans the training programme for each night and works closely with the staff. In the 6 years she has been in the ATC she has achieved her Bronze Duke of Edinburgh, attended two blues camps and gained her Regional Marksman badge. Recently she is one of the first cadets to go back to RAF Topcliffe for gliding. In February of 2018 FS Chaffer turns 20 and therfore will time out, she is wanting to join the Air Training Corps as Civilian Instructor where she will keep her role as Training Officer. A year after that she hopes to become uniformed staff at 473 (Hartlepool) squadron.

CSGT T. Rogerson







Csgt Toni-Marie Rogerson joined the Air Training Corps in January of 2013 and has achieved a lot in the RAFAC. Sgt Rogerson has recently gained the rank of Cadet Sergeant in June of 2017 having been a Corporal for over two year. She is one of the few on the squadron with a regional marksmanship  badge which she achieved on the no.8 target rifle. Sgt Rogerson has also completed her Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award and is currently in the process of working towards her Silver. She enjoys First Aid and her Youth First Aid qualification took her to the regional competitions day. Being a successful NCO, she is currently head of A Flight which are successfully leading the flight competition. Sgt Rogerson is confident they will go on to win the prize at the end of the calendar year. Having attended many camps and enjoyed them all, especially RAF Valley she feels the next step would be to apply for an overseas camp. Her ambitions for the future are to become the Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet and to achieve the rank of a Flight Sergeant among others.


CCPL S. Maiden










Cadet Corporal Samuel Maiden joined the Air Training Corps in the September of 2012 and has achieved a lot in the RAFAC. He is the only NCO with a M.O.I (Method of Instruction) lanyard which allows him to teach all subjects required to progress classification within the RAFAC. In addition to this he is the only cadet on squadron with a band badge. He is currently the NCO in charge of B flight on squadron with CPL Tierney as his 2IC. CPL Maiden strives for perfection and aims for both him and his flight to be the best on squadron. CPL Maiden has attended a lot of camps within his time in the RAFAC adding to his experience, he mainly attends blues camps alongside greens camps. CPL Maiden is also the media officer on the squadron meaning he is the cadet NCO in charge of the media and the public image of the squadron with Cadet H. Ashton as his 2IC for media. He aims to climb the ranks and leave cadets as a Cadet Warrant Officer and build on his experience in cadets by going on adventure training activities and more field craft activities.

CCPL G. Tierney








CCPL S. Chaffer







Cadet corporal Shannon Chaffer joined the Air training corps in September of 2014. Cpl Chaffer has achieved awards such as Youth First Aid among others meaning she is now a qualified first aider. Cpl Chaffer is the only cadet on the squadron that has achieved a grade ‘A’ on her Junior Non Commissioned Officer course, meaning that she has shown a high degree of competency in discipline, leadership and drill. Cpl Chaffer is the flight 2IC for A flight shadowing Sgt T. Rogerson. Cpl Chaffer aims to get enough knowledge and experience from the RAFAC to put her in a good place to apply for the role in the RAF as a PT instructor, but for now Cpl Chaffer would like to get to CWO(Cadet warrent officer) and achieve the qualified aerospace instructors course (QAIC).


CCPL R. Kadim