Meet our new Corporals!

  Posted on 20 July 2017 by 473 (Hartlepool) Sqn. ATC

Last parade night (20th July 2017) 473 Hartlepool squadron welcomed two new NCOs to the team. Cpl Chaffer and Cpl Kadhim are the two newest members of the NCO team after putting in a lot of hard work and fighting off some hard competition. The two new NCOs  were two of four cadets who went through the selection process. In the selection process the candidates were tested on their ability to lead drill, discipline and their uniform skills. Based on these results two new NCOs were selected and promoted.

Our new NCOs

Cpl S. Chaffer








When asked about her promotion experience, she said, “It was a stressful process however it helped me a lot to understand the discipline and what is expected of an NCO (Non commissioned officer). When I got given the Cpl tapes I was over joyed! I was looking forward to be a part of the NCO team. The selection process consisted of a drill assessment, giving commands and receiving commands and acting upon them. The other assessment I had to undergo was an initiative task, I was given a scenario and I had to act upon it and resolve it. Overall the whole day was a huge insight to NCO life and how to act. I really enjoyed the night!”


Cpl R. Kadhim











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