A New Pilot…

  Posted on 16 November 2013 by CWO Martin Murphy

martins first passengerOn the 8th of June, Cadet Warrant Officer Martin Murphy was awarded with his Grade 1 Pilots wings. This means that Martin is now able to take other cadets flying in a Gliding Induction Course.

On the 22nd of June Martin flew his first ever cadet passenger.

“It was a cloudy and windy day but our training is to a very high standard and the conditions were easily manageable.
Flying solo is one thing, with the added pressure of not having an instructor sat next to you, but being the instructor of a 13 year old cadet with no prior flying experience was something completely different.
It was a great experience for us both and the cadet said he couldn’t wait to go flying again and he was also very surprised when I told him, after landing, that he was my first ever cadet passenger.
It was an incredibly proud moment for me.”

Flying and Gliding is a huge part of what we do within the ATC, and is open to each and every cadet.